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Emergency Shelter Plan

In 2022, the City of Mason contacted us about putting together an emergency shelter plan for the residents. We met with city officials and area churches. As a result, we now have four local churches that have agreed to open their doors during periods of extreme heat, tornado warnings and extended power outages.  Notices with locations and hours open will be posted on our Facebook page, the city's and church's social media sites as well as on the city's website. 


 Mason Community Church

1000 E. Columbia 

First United Methodist Church

201 E. Ash Street

First Church of the Nazarene

415 E. Maple Street

First Presbyterian Church

131 E. Maple Street


power outage.jpg

Power outages: when the power is expected to be out for more than 48 hours.

Heat wave image_edited.jpg

Extreme Heat: when the heat index is predicted to be 105

 degrees for 2 or more days.


Tornado warnings: the shelters are alerted when there is a watch to be prepared if a warning is issued. 

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