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We have been fortunate to meet some absolutely fabulous people along their journey. Whether volunteering, donating or being served by our team, everyone has a story to tell. We want to hear yours! Please reach out today to share!

Jerome had just moved into an apartment after being homeless for a long time. He was so happy to receive a quilt donated to us from Country Stitches!

Country Stitches quilt donation.jpg

Ralph was a disabled vetern who was unable to easily leave his home for medical appointments until we put some volunteers together with a grant from Capital Area Community Services and not only built him a ramp but enclosed his porch!

Ramp Build Crew_edited.jpg

Janet's home was in need of some painting to avoid getting a citation from the city. A great group of volunteers from Gestamp showed up ready to work! They not only painted but raked up leaves and cleaned up her yard! Thank you to Gestamp for having this volunteer program for employees!

Connor Niswonger.jpg

Danny Tuttle and Connor Niswonger were honored by the City of Mason and we had the privilege of escorting them on their special day!

Danny Tuttle.jpg

We were able to help one young mother with her Consumers bill. Her response touched our hearts!

"I really don't know how to thank you enough. My zero balance enabled me to set up the budget plan with Consumers. This is such a relief for you. You have made my day!  

Another person we helped texted us: "Thank you so much!! I'm crying! I truly can't thank you enough!   

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