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Partner with us today!

VOLUNTEER MASON! Employers with community service hours, National Honor Society students, civic organizations ! Our commUNITY could use your hands, skills, talents, knowledge . . . See opportunities below and visit our Facebook page for posts on additional opportunities.

Please contact us for Volunteer opportunities and we will help you get started. Experience the special reward in doing something for those that may never be able to repay your kindness…. but may increase your heart capacity!

Ways to Volunteer

We would love you have you partner with Mason Community Services by volunteering in one of the below areas.  Please click on the icon for more information and volunteer opportunities. 

Service Name

Describe one of your services

Service Name 

Describe one of your services

Service Name 

Describe one of your services


The Freely Given Clothing Closet makes available seasonal clothing for men, women, and children. The clothing closet is kept running by your kind and thoughtful donations.


Clothing DONATIONS  are accepted when we are open.

  • Mondays 11:00 - 1:00

  • Thursdays 11:00 - 1:00 and 4:00 - 6:00

We accept clean, in season, and gently used items listed below:

Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and Belts, Purses, Coats, Shoes and Boots (in good condition), Thermal Layers, Gloves, Hats, Winter Gear, New socks, New underwear, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Hand and Feet Warmers, Backpacks, Rolling Suitcases, Blankets, Travel Size Toiletries, Feminine Hygiene Products.

If items are brought in that we don’t accept, we will have resource information available to inform you where they may be taken. Unfortunately, we don’t have resources to dispose of unusable clothing – thank you for your consideration.

Due to storage limitations, we do not accept toys or household items.


If you enjoy greeting people, being creative, and like variety, this is for you!

We often participate in a variety of events throughout the year which may include hosting a booth at Sun Dried Music Festival, Down Home Days, Spring Fling, etc. We also may participate in the 4th of July parade with a float or decorate our van for a Trunk 'or' Treat!

If you'd like to be contacted about helping with an event, let us know and we'll add you to our resource group.


If you are skilled in social media posts, videos, etc. and have a passion for creating viewer interest with photos and attraction-getting information.


Please consider volunteering! Assist us in keeping Mason and our rural surrounding areas up-to-date on what we're doing and how we are working with Mason churches, service groups, and businesses to help restore hope!


We are looking for volunteers who have a good working knowledge and experience with the WIX platform to manage our website, to help us keep it up-to-date and add new features as needed. 

Where: from your home

When: ongoing 


FRIENDS is a social gathering for individuals in the Mason area who have a developmental or cognitive disability and are 26 years old or older. We are looking for someone who would help everyone get a name tag and get signed in and help prepare and serve snacks or other odd jobs. You’re welcome to help us on a regular basis or whenever it works for you!

Where: First Presbyterian Church, Mason

When: 1st Tuesday of each month,

Time:  3:30-5:30 PM


We are asked at times to help with projects such as installing ramps and may need extra crew to help. If you would like to be added to a group email, we will let you know when we have a need. 

Where: Mason area

When: as needed


We need volunteers willing to help residents at risk of being fined for home maintenance issues not meeting code. This could include lawns not being mowed, leaves not raked or snow not being removed.

We hope to provide the homeowner in need with 2-3 contacts in their area that could help. We would provide them with your contact information, and it would be up to them to contact you. You can sign up for one or all three areas - it’s totally up to you!

Where: Let us know how far out you are willing to go from your home to help (2 block radius – 2 mile radius, etc.)

When: Whenever you are needed and available.


We strive to ensure that seniors, families, veterans, and people living with disabilities do not suffer unnecessarily due to transportation issues. 

Volunteer drivers should be between the ages of 18-84 with  a good driving record, a current license, safe vehicle, and insurance. It helps to have good communication skills and a good sense of direction.


we have people who have no reliable/affordable way to get to the food bank, a medical appointment, etc.

PICK UP - DELIVERY: We often have someone that either wants to donate items to us or need items. So we need people willing to drive their vehicle to do this. It could include picking up or delivering clothing, furniture, food, etc. 

Where: Mason area and neighboring towns.

When: as needed

VITA TAX CLINIC (seasonal)

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  We are looking for someone who enjoys making phone calls. You will call people scheduled to come in and meet with a tax intake specialist. You will remind them what they need to bring, what day and time their appointment is and where to come. You will be trained on what you will go over with them as well as answers to questions you may be asked. 


When: Mid January through 1st of April.

Where: This can be done from your home.

INTAKE SPECIALIST: assist clients in filling out intake forms, scanning their documents to a secure server, and perform a short interview with clients. They ensure that all documentation is provided so that a tax preparer can fill out the return remotely.

TAX PREPARER: As a volunteer tax preparer, you will ensure that our clients get the best return on their taxes. By serving a few hours once a week during tax season, you will make a significant contribution to our effort to return millions of dollars to members of our community and help families avoid costly tax preparation fees. And there’s no need to have prior experience! VITA provides comprehensive training and in-person support so that you can provide clients the highest-quality service completing returns.

Requirements: to work from home, you will need internet and a computer. VITA may have extra computers if needed. 


Mason has wonderful garden space for those that love to garden but don't have room! Many of the gardeners donate their surplus to the Mason Food Bank!

The garden leaders need help every spring to get the garden ready for the year and again every fall to close it down - spreading hay, etc. No experience necessary, all ages welcome!


It's a win-win! People have bags they don't know what to do with after feeding their pigs, horses, and chickens. It turns out they make great bags for the homeless! They are water proof so help keep what little they have dry! We have directions for both sewing them or just using duct tape - your choice!

Contact us and we'll get you set up with bags, directions, and a lot of fun! This would make a great group project for scouts, 4-H, etc.!

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES with other Community Organizations


ORGANIZATION: Meals on Wheels-Rural Ingham County

If you enjoy driving and people, we have a spot for you! Meals on Wheels needs drivers to take meals to neighboring cities as well as individuals. We can also use people to sort meals and prepare them for pickup by drivers.

Rural Ingham Meals on Wheels services Holt, Mason, Williamston, Webberville, Stockbridge, Leslie, Dansville and Onondaga.

Where: First Church of the Nazarene, 415 E. Maple Street, Mason, Michigan

When: We can fit your schedule with our needs.


Volunteer Opportunities include:
     *Animal enrichment and exercise
     *Transporting animals to and from partner shelters and rescues
     *Staffing special events
     *Adoption counselling
     *Animal fostering
     *Support at our community Outreach Center

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old . A parent or guardian must sign the volunteer application for volunteers under the age of 18.

We host volunteer orientation meetings each month.  Meetings are typically 90 minutes in length and take place at the shelter located at 600 Buhl St.  in Mason. 

For more information on our volunteer program, please call 517-676-8311 or email


Welcome! Mason Public Schools is excited to consider you for volunteer positions across the district.  Individuals, groups, or businesses that would like to volunteer their time, talents, or resources to the students of Mason Public Schools have two primary volunteer options:

Individuals or groups that are interested in regularly scheduled volunteer position.

Examples might include field trip chaperones, classroom assistants, crossing guards, etc. 

Please contact the Human Resources Department at (517) 676-6533 if you have any questions regarding volunteering opportunities.


ORGANIZATION: Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber hosts several events throughout the year (Spring Fling, Down Home Days, Sun Dried Music Festival, etc. We would welcome anyone who would like to volunteer with us to help make these events spectacular for everyone attending.

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